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microphone de-activates although internet connection is intact

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Lately we frequently experience that the speaker suddenly goes silent - without warning his microphone gets turned off in Spreed. Usually the speaker doesn't notice it himself and continues until warned by irate listeners. The speaker then has to activate his microphone in the Spreed settings. Meeting continues again - until the next mike outage.

Any ideas what to do about this?

Thanks and regards,

Posted 5 years ago #

Brian Krause

Dear Páll,

please use Adobe Flash Player plugin 11.5 with your browser (and ask every participant to use this new plugin). If no sound is transmitted ask your participants/speaker/moderators to close the window and join your Spreed Online Meeting again. Sometimes you need also to delete your browser history and cookies to join your meeting a second time.

Best regards,

Posted 5 years ago #

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