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issues/limitations handling invitations and mailing list

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  • Started 5 years ago by seminar
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> We have an address book with 60 entries.
> We have a license for 50 participants.
> For any given meeting we have a maximum of 20 participants.
> We have 6 meetings a week, i.e. 6 weekly series where the meeting is the same every week except maybe a new topic or a new subscriber to add.

1) The program will not allow me to send invitations to all 60 entries in the address book - citing the license limitation of 50, even though we know a maximum of 20 will participate.

2) The address book does not offer groups, subgroups, or other taxonomy which would allow me to easily (!) select a target group for invitations as a subset of the whole address book.

3) The address book does not have the functionality to write an email to the entries independent of a meeting (e.g. notification that this week's meeting is canceled, or "please note change in starting time", ... whatever)

4) The address book / respectively meeting-management is not integrated with any common email client program, like Thunderbird, etc. - that would make things easier.

5) The program does not notify me if an invitation email bounces, e.g. because there was a typo in the address book entry.

Does anybody have solutions to these issues? We want to use "Meeting for invited participants", not webinars without explicit invitations.

Thanks and regards,

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Brian Krause

Dear Páll,

with your existing tab "organization" in your Spreed address book you may create group/subgroup names (name of organization, company, group etc.). With Spreed address book the following column names are available: first name, last name, organization, phone number, time zone, language. Additional columns for Spreed address book are not available yet. Thanks for your new ideas of improvement (e.g. special email notification, bounce notification, email to address book contacts etc.).

Best regards
Spreed team

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Hi Brian,

I have already experimented with tabs "organization" and "language" but this is not high-tech, especially if you have to manually repeat the same tedious steps 6 times every week.

My main problem at the moment is, that for licensing reasons I cannot invite more than 50 people to a "Meeting for invited participants" although we know there will be less than 20 participants. That is, the software does not differentiate between invited particpant and real participant. Is there anything I can do about this other than upgrade the license? The "webinar" option generates a link which I could send per eMail to any number of people who might be interested - I don't need the Spreed address book for that - but the Spreed address book invite to a "webinar" generates an automated individual login link which I can't generate myself.

Thanks and regards,

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Spreed Webinare

Thank you for your ideas of improvement of Spreed address book and invitation email handling!
Right now there is no option to differentiate number of invitations and maximum number of participants in your Spreed Online Meeting.

Best Regards
Spreed Team

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