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Chat while screen sharing

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Is there no possibility to write a chat while the screen is shared?

If I as the teacher explain something on my screen the participants of the session would like to ask questions by chat. Not everybody has a mic or a headset. And even the have a build in mic it would be too much noisy if everybody has the mic on (and cause echos). So they should turn off their mic and write questions by chat.

So we process by Adobe Connect which is standard at our institute. Now I'd liked to introduce Spreed. But we need chat while screen sharing.

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Spreed Webinare

Yes - you can always use chat and screensharing at the same time also with Spreed :-)
Just take a look at the attached screenshot picture. Enable chat at "view".

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Oh yes, if I enable the chat under "view". Very nice. Thank you.

But the chat field is rather big and reduces the visible area. Why the participant can't resize the chat field?

As the visible area is so small the participant will click "full screen", and then he can no longer use the chat field.

On the other side with normally 10 or 12 participant you have a lot of space in the participant column. I would like to have the chat window below the list of participants. Why can I not resize the participant and chat windows as I like? I Adobe Connect the chat and the participants windows are movable and resizable arbitraily.

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